Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why use Journals?

The information found in journals is useful because it
  •  reflects research, academic discourse and opinion
  • may not be available in books or other publications
Scholarly research is generally published in journals first. This includes:
  • medical discoveries
  • technological and experimental breakthroughs
  • case studies of groups or companies
  • reports on current events
How else are they different from magazine articles?
  • Author is usually an expert in the field / discipline
  • Content has been critically evaluated by other experts
  • Information sources used by the author are cited (in-text citations, works cited/references)
How do I find "scholarly or "Peer-reviewed" articles?
  • Some of the library's research databases include scholarly material, such as JSTOR and PsychArticles. For these, the results will all be scholarly.
  • Many of the other databases such as Academic Search Complete and OmniFile have an option to search only scholarly/peer-reviewed articles. Scan the databases' search or results page for this limit option.
  • Click here to log on to the Library databases

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